Personal Trainer - Power Pump: The Barbell Workout

Personal Trainer - Power Pump: Das Langhantel Workout, Germany

  • Genre: Wellness & Fitness
  • Format: DVD
  • Laufzeit: 50 Min.
  • FSK: INFO-Programm gemäß §14 JuSchG
  • Regisseur: Simon Busch

Regie Simon Busch
Produktion Simon Busch
Musik Davinia Leonne

Alexander Sass

Frank Mählen

Schnitt Swen Erdrich


Janina Schmoll, personal trainer, performs a powerful Power Pump workout that appeals to all muscle groups in the body. You need a barbell, weights, and exercise soon the entire body. Start with little weight on your barbelland boost yourself with regular training. Arms, back, posterior and legs are also reinforced and strengthened, as the abdominal muscles. Build muscle and feel good and fit with your powerful body.