Personal Trainer - Pilates with the Thera-Band

Personal Trainer - Pilates mit dem Fitnessband, Germany

  • Genre: Wellness & Fitness
  • Format: DVD
  • Laufzeit: 56 Min.
  • FSK: INFO-Programm gemäß §14 JuSchG

Regie Simon Busch
Produktion Simon Busch
Musik Davinia Leonne

Alexander Sass

Frank Mählen

Schnitt  Swen Erdrich


Janina Schmoll, personal trainer, presents a particularly gentle and effective Pilates workout using the fitness cord. This Pilates-Unit strengthens and strongs the proximal muscles, the posture apparatus. Janina Schmoll showhs a holistic body workout that is performed in the respiratory rhythm and may lead to a new body awareness. Through the use of the fitness band single muscle groups strengthened, which can perform the simultaneous tightening of the torso and pelvic floor muscles to a healthy posture, a flat belly and a smooth slim body. The Training - DVD is suitable for beginners.