Personal Trainer - Pilates Beginner

Personal Trainer - Pilates Beginner, Germany

  • Genre: Wellness & Fitness
  • Format: DVD
  • Laufzeit: 56 Min.
  • FSK: INFO-Programm gemäß §14 JuSchG

Regie Simon Busch
Produktion Simon Busch
Musik Davinia Leonne

Alexander Sass

Frank Mählen

Schnitt Swen Erdrich


Janina Schmoll, personal trainer, taught on this training DVD the basics of Pilates. This Pilates workout is suitable for all those who want to do something good to their body , for those who want to be symptom-free, healthy, slender, supple toned and fit. And for all who want to be active for those who want to be preventive or rehabilitative active. The Training - DVD is suitable for beginners.