The main tool for merchandising a new single for the musicians is the own video for the song. In order to gaint attention and stay in the minds of music fans and managers, elaborate music videos are an excellent way to increase their own popularity degree. Particularly the establishment of online video portals as a music video consumption centers has given more musicians the chance to produce music videos, to publish them on the web and thereby to increase their degree of popularity.

A perfect storyline to the song, impressive images and the perfect compilation of recorded scenes turn a good music video into an outstanding video. Busch Media Group has many years of experience in the area of music video production and ensures the highest quality in terms of picture and sound.

Busch Media Group produces all music videos in the best HD quality and therefore realizes audio-visual highlights for its national and international clientele. Whether glossy production or productions for smaller budgets - Busch Media Group realizes the perfect music video for musicians of all genres - conceptually, technically and sales-related.