Busch Media Group is one of the few providers in Germany that can implement professional productions in REAL3D. We work with the most advanced 3D cameras of Panasonic Corporation and cameramen who are trained in stereoscopic shooting. In addition to that, we offer professional 3D post production including editing and Blu-ray 3D authoring - all in perfect quality, cost-efficient from a single source.

3D is currently experiencing an enormous boom, not least due to the worldwide success of the 3D cinema movie Avatar more than a billion visitors. Meanwhile, more and more flat-screen TVs or Blu-ray players with 3D equipment come on the market.

Therefore it is only a matter of time before 3D is becoming a standard. Thus it is advisable to focus on the trend early in order to be prepared for future productions. Also, most theaters are now equipped with the 3D technology and every month new 3D movies start in the theaters. So, cinema advertisement should also be produced in 3D to reach the desired target audience and generate attention with spectacular clips.

Busch Media Group is one of the first providers that have fully focused on the new 3D technology and thus belongs to the technical forefront of the industry. Give your movies new depth and rely on 3D productions of Busch Media Group!