Although Busch Media Group has now established many main pillars as an independent and diverse media company, our core competence is still the trade, distribution and sale of image and sound carriers. Established since 2004 in the DVD business, we have set on the new high-resolution formats from the beginning.

As one of the few providers, we have, already at the birth of HDTV, published content in Full HD, first as WMV HD, later on HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc. Thereby we were even one step ahead of of several international major studios that recognized the potential of high definition much later. So we were already able to celebrate great success with the release of Chronos in 2007. Meanwhile, we are one of the most reputable independent home theater providers in the German-speaking countries. Our products stand for quality on an international level.

Our Blu-ray release BARAKA from 2008 was the world's first 8K sampling and is still mentioned by leading home theater magazines as a reference to picture and sound. We are currently working hard on first 3D productions to be published no later than the fall of 2012 on Blu-ray 3D. Besides productions and licenses we also distribute video and audio carriers for independent filmmakers and smaller companies.