UHD STICK - Enjoy the worldwide innovation in Home Entertainment!

am Thursday, 30 April 2015.

The Next Generation of Home Entertainment.

UHD STICK - Enjoy the worldwide innovation in Home Entertainment!

The next generation of ome entertainment: Busch Media Group presents 4K Movies on UHD sticks.

The future of home entertainment has begun. For the first time Busch Media Group presents a selection of movies in REAL 4K on UHD sticks. This technical innovation is currently the only medium availbale on the market to reproduce native 4K Ultra HD contents in this revolutionary quality.

Since its launch the Busch Media Group has been one of the most innovative technical pioneers in the home entertainment business. The company stands for quality and the highest possible standards. Many of our titles have been given awards for their technical brilliance and have obtained a reference status in terms of the quality of picture and sound.

We have been producing 4K content since 2008 – long before the keyword UHD was established. This pioneering achievement paid off during this year’s IFA (International Broadcasting and Home Entertainment Exhibition in Berlin): REAL 4K Movies from our programme were presented as reference titles on the latest UHD Samsung TV’s in association with German VOD provider Maxdome. IFA-visitors could experience the sheer breath taking quality of our 4K films which were presented on Ultra HD TV screens with a screen diagonal of up to two metres (78 inches).

Right on time for Christmas we are about to revolutionize the home entertainment market with a global novelty: Our newly established UHD stick will enable consumers for the first time ever to enjoy 4K Ultra HD films in total REAL 4K resolution independently from any cable TV provider or High Speed Internet. An additional external player is not required! The UHD stick will run on all 4K UHD TV’s compatible with the HEVC / H265 codec via the „plug&play“ USB-Port.

To kick-off the market launch of our exclusive UHD stick a limited edition of 4K UHD boxes will be put on the market at a very affordable price - each of them containing a film on a UHD stick in full REAL 4K UHD resolution and the same film on Blu-ray disc in Full HD.

Simon Busch, the creative initiator of the UHD-stick, explains the revolutionary dimension of the new medium: “Even if every second TV sold in this year is a UHD TV, I don’t believe that the customers are willing to also invest in new playback devices – provided that such players were available at all. Blu-ray players that can display 4K won’t be available on the market before mid-2015. Moreover only a minority of the consumers are provided with ultrafast Internet connections which give them access to UHD contents through digital VOD providers such as Netflix or Maxdome. This is where our UHD stick comes into the game. With the REAL 4K UHD stick every owner of a new UHD TV can immediately enjoy the quality and splendour of Ultra HD. “

To ensure that Ultra HD films can be displayed in perfect quality, very several months of thorough technical preparations were necessary. Now the UHD stick is ready for the market.

It will ensure that the brand new UHD TV bought for Christmas does not remain an ornamentalpiece of furniture in your living-room. Instead the UHD TV can really be used to watch films in the best possible quality and highest possible resolution. You will experience a brilliant quality which will make your relatives, friends and neighbours either speechless or become green with envy. 

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