The New Wilderness - Big nature in a small country

am Thursday, 30 April 2015.

theatrical release on 09/04/2015!

"The New Wilderness" is a stunning nature spectacle for the whole family.

The actor, author and prominent environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke takes the audience on a fascinating journey.

The most successful dutch movie in 2014!

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The director Mark Verkerk puts the wonder of the dutch wildlife in the limelights. It is unexpected and amazing how genius the ecological system on a piece of dutch wildlife is working.

The film crew shoot for almost two years long in the Oostvaardersplassen and the bordering natural area.

"The New Wilderness" is a production of EMS FILMS. The movie started successfully in Belgium and rise in the Netherlands with 750.000 moviegoers to the most successfull dutch movie in 2014.

At the 09/04/2015 the "Busch Media Group" publishing "The New Wilderness" in the german cinemas.

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